About the


The history of the “Robin Bobin” brand began almost 20 years ago - in 2002, when the first sweets store of the same name hospitably opened its doors to Kherson residents. We gradually expanded the range of confectionery products, and in order to guarantee a consistently high quality of products, in 2008 we successfully launched our own production.


 “Robin Bobin” today is a modern confectionery department and 14 wonderful shops in Kherson. Our assortment includes about 250 items of quality products made from selected ingredients on modern equipment.


We make sure that all technological processes comply with industry standards, and fresh products quickly appear on store shelves.

Who is Robin Bobin?

The dreamer comes from childhood, such as you and me.

He remembers well what it is: being proud that he first climbed a tree or made a kite, catching summer rain with his palms and looking for the place where the rainbow begins.


He is happy when his parents say “you are great” in response to all his achievements, and is grateful that they encourage him with the phrase “you can do it”, when even after several attempts something did not work out.


 Robin loves holidays. He is waiting for New Year to decorate the tree with bright (and delicious!) candies and loves birthdays, because when else can you blow out the candles on the best cake?


 Although he only occasionally looks for reasons for joy in the calendar, Robin himself creates the holiday. Whenever he wants. Because he is convinced: happiness is in our hands!



Our team has united real professionals who most of all love what they do and strive for development. And all in order to see you satisfied every day. A happy customer is the best motivation!

High quality

  • We develop and adapt to changes, but always strive to be the best. For this we use only high-quality raw materials, the latest technologies and proven recipes!

A family

  • Each of us strives for development, self-realization and freedom, but it is worth remembering: everything starts with a family. We believe that a person celebrates his successes next to the dearest ones. All families are different, and the main thing that unites people is the tradition to gather at one table, in the center of which is a delicious product.

Childhood memories

  • The phrase “delicious as in childhood” is the highest praise for a culinary specialist. Our confectioners cook so that adults can feel the same taste from childhood, and children will remember their favorite delicacy for a long time.