The “Robin Bobin” confectionery department has been successfully producing tasty and guaranteed high-quality products for more than 10 years.


Real masters of confectionery work on the development of recipes and launching processes, who regularly improve their skills at Ukrainian and foreign specialized courses.

Raw materials

and equipment

The production is equipped with modern European equipment, so we prepare significant amounts of sweets quickly, and most importantly, we strictly comply with domestic and international food standards.


Craft sweets: cakes, biscuits, muffins, baked goods and bread, chocolates and sweets – confectioners are prepared by hand. The production of cookies is fully automated: a high-tech line guarantees high quality and exquisite taste.

We add selected fresh or frozen berries, nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits etc. to make desserts the desired flavor.

We do not use artificial flavors and colors.



We carefully select raw materials; therefore we purchase them only from trusted suppliers with an impeccable reputation. 

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